A letter opener for that uncle who has everything....

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    backside.jpg filework.jpg front side.jpg handle.jpg
    So, I have a Great Uncle who is turning 89 this week. He literally has everything. But, I thought, why not make him something semi-sharp?

    So, here is my first letter opener, other than ruined blades that I just ground down... It was a letter opener from beginning to finish.

    Its 1095, and I decided to heat treat it, as that thin part in the choil (I think thats a choil) was still a little bendy while annealed. So, it got heat treated as all my 1095, except, I tempered once at 450 for an hour, hopefully it'll soften it up some.

    The handle is stabilized buckeye burl. I did some filework as well. It was a fun little project. I started and finished all in one evening.
    Its not super symmetrical, but I did it all by hand--and feel like it came out alright.

    Here's to an Awesome '17!

  2. BrandantR

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    Looks great, Chris. I love that buckeye. I'm sure your uncle will appreciate it.
  3. John Wilson

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    very cool idea! the design is really nice
  4. MikeL


    Good idea and nicely done. Gives me some ideas with some leftover larger scraps pieces I have.

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