A fun project for Tim and Mandi


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What does a Bladesmith do on "goof off" day? Something fun! There is no such thing as "non-BBQ" season in Montana, and since we just packed a whole beef into the freezers, I thought I'd get Tim and Mandi (my son and daughter) started off on the right foot! Made them a new BBQ spatula, with a "pineapple" twist handle, and anodized titanium blade. Tim's Dad's name is Mike Ufferman, so we refer to them as the "Muffermans". We refer to Tim and Mandi as the "Tuffermans".... so I thought it would be kinda neat to anodize "Tufferman" into the blade. I liked it so much, that I also made myself one! :)



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Very nice Ed! You should whip up a matched set of snow shovel and ice ax, so you can get to the grill in the first place.

I was poking around southwest of you earlier in the week, and boy did you folks get a nice little front move in. Brrr, and not the best road conditions, so no chance of swinging up and saying a quick hi.