A Few New Pieces...

J. Neilson

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Here are some new pieces I recently completed...

Three belt knives all with "antiqued" finished and Desert Ironwood Burl. (Moose, Badger & BUK)

A Pac-axe done up the same as the above.

A hand-rubbed 52100 belt knife in jigged red bone.

Clip-point Hunter in Maple Burl, Buffalo horn and wrought iron.

A Saw-blade Butcher knife with an "antiqued" finish and Cocobola scales.
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J. Neilson

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I like the antique look.
Want to share how you did it?

No sweat, it's actually pretty easy. You can finish your blade up to a 400 grit finish and then coat it with plain yellow (cheap) mustard. I usually coat the blade and then us a Popsicle stick to add "highs & lows" to the mustard (kinda lightly smack the blade with the stick). You can let the mustard sit on the blade for as long as you like (I’ve left it on for as long as 2 weeks). If you leave the mustard on overnight, you'll have a good dark finish. The longer you leave the mustard on, the more patterning you will have on the finished project. Once you're ready to move on, take Clorox bleach and heat the bleach to just below boiling (do this wearing a respirator and in a well ventilated area) and put the blade in, mustard and all. Leave the blade in the bleach for approx. 3 min., then pull the blade out and scrub it down with course steel wool (it'll look like the blade is rusting before your eyes). Now put the blade back in the bleach and repeat this process 4-8 times, depending on how dark you want your blade. Once you have achieved the depth of finish you want, put the blade into baking soda/water and boil it for 15-20 min. to neutralize the blade, otherwise it will continue to "rust". That's it, your good to go with a cool looking, non-reflective finish that requires almost no effort to maintain. Also, to date, I have used this same method on 1080-84-95, 5160, 52100, O1, 15N20, M4 & L6 with very good results.
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I have a butcher knife from J. and it is the bomb. Use it all the time. The finish is perfect for kitchen work. IMHO

Mike Martinez

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Wonderful work... but I'm sure you know it already. :biggrin: I have yet to see one of your knives that doesn't draw my eyes and kidnaps my attention.