A few blades I have done recently


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Well as I have been here asking for tips over the last few months I thought I had better put some of my knives up. Some a these were done after I got the tips here on satin finishing use Ryhnowet papers which helped me a lot. All are Elmax HRC 61.



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Thanks gents.
They were the last a cut of Elmax my pal did for me a while back, should be getting another cut done in the New Year of those designs and several others. I also have had a sample of Vanax given to me from the rep at Uddeholm UK and so will be making him a knife for display purposes.


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nice job. If you hand sanded Elmax hard at 61RC, you spent some time.
Cheers and yes it took time Tracy, its a tough bitch to hand sand but it was of course designed for industrial usage where wear resistance is needed.

I was having a nightmare but thanks to the guys here I changed my methods and also changed to Rhynowet papers, cracking stuff.

Another tip I found through trial and error that works great and fast is if you want to cut the time down use a 2inch (think that's the size) random orbital air sander with Velcro wet and dry papers and put a tiny spot of diamond paste on, around 400 / 600 grit equivalents. Spray the knife with WD 40 and hit it with the sander....eats through the scratches. Just watch the progression as you will get fish hook scratches if you go too fast.

This method is superb if you mess up a plunge as with a bit of work you can fade in any errors.