A couple of grinder Mods


"The Montana Bladesmith"
Two things that I have always thought were/are overlooked on most grinders..... The "knobs" used on the tracking adjustment, and the "shield" for sparks/swarf that is located at/on the idler wheel.

I modify all my grinders as soon as they come into the door with the tracking adjust change, but yesterday I was grinding, and getting sprayed in the face with grit and sparks.... so I decided that shield needed upgrading too.....

The tracking adjustment mod just makes it easier...because once you have a belt tracking, especially on a well made machine, it takes very little movement of the tracking adjustment to affect the belt's location.....


The shield was just pulling off the flat steel one, and I built a couple of hinges (made them VERY stiff by drilling with a "D" bit, and using 1/4" rod for the pin) but now I can move the back/front of the shield to better protect from getting a face full of whatever the belt throws at me....