A couple from the shop.

Chris Railey

The big one is Dion Damascus with a dyed maple burl handle The EDC is 1080 with hamon and a Walnut Crotch handle. All handle materials were sourced from Mr. Kimmi and they are awesome.


Gene Kimmi

Those look good! My best pictures are taken outside on a cloudy day or after the sun has gone down low enough that there isn't any glare.

Bruce McLeish

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A camera that is not a cellphone would help too I bet. Those handles look way better in person.
That 'splains it, Lucy.....I don't got no stinkin cell phone. (They don't work here! Too far in the boonies)
You can get a pretty good (and cheap) camera from Amazon or even e bay


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I second what Gene said. Try outside, either after the sun has dropped a bit or even in the shade.