A Couple Barkies Rehandled


Howlin' Wolf
A while back, I rehandled a Copperhead for a customer. My wife, Luanne, loved it so much, she didn't want me to send it back.:biggrin:
Just kidding, really. But she did love it.
So, for her B'Day this year, I managed to obtain another, and rehandled it in Amboynia burl, like the first, with Bloody Basin Jasper Spacers.
She was quite pleased with it.:happy:

I also rehandled my own, in Zericote, with Onyx and Gold Web Spacers.

One thing I can say for sure is, I've come a long way since that first Grind In at Bark River back in '07.:3:
And my pitcher takin' skills have improved some, too!:what!:

Copperhead 1.jpgZericote Copperhead Left.jpg
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