A Big Thank You.

Archer Moon

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Hello Ed. We talked a bit at the Boise Show back in October about a wareny style blade. I did take your advice about raising the grind lines up and thining the whole blade down. It feels great! This is not my first, by no means, and it wont be my last.
I would like to thank you for being there and talking to me with respect. I do not know enough about knife making and it shows in my work. You took the time and told me where and how to make it better. My work will continue to get better with every knife I make. Thank you for being the man you are.

Blade 5160, 6 1/2" OAL, 2 5/8" sharp with a sharp rope notch.
Black Wanut handle with copper tupes.
Simple Sharpie and acid etch, Very simple.
Hand made leather sheath.



"The Montana Bladesmith"
I remember! You're very welcome! The one thing I've never understood is when some knifemakers forget where they came from, and will not take the time or effort to help others. When you showed me that knife, my mind went back to my first forged knife..which looked much like that one. I also saw the desire and passion in your eyes, and the sincerity in your manner. Great job! Just keep doing what you're doing, and seek improvement with each successive knife....and it will take you far!