9 Roses #9 - Bird Beak Pipe Hawk with Pipe Bag and Custom Flint Striker circa 1850's


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This pipe hawk fetures a handforged iron blade by mi amigo, bladesmith Jerry Rodri, Nine Tongs Forge, Durango, Co. Along with the brass bowl the curly maple handle has brass fittings with a deer antler mouth piece and cap. Decoration of the handle includes two braintan wraps beaded with early period pound beads in black and red, common "war" colors. The iron and brass head is variation on the spontoon style and was inspired by several original pipe hawks, such as Fig 7 page 70 and Fig 9 page 71 in the book "Indian Tomahawks & Frontiersmen Belt Axes" by Daniel Harstler
The small pipe/striker bag is made from brain tan deer and is pound beaded in white, blue, and black, typical colors for the pre-1860 beadwork - the style of beadwork was inspired by several Southern Cheyenne pieces of that period.
The custom C scroll striker by Jerry Rodri was inspired by figure E on page 350 of the book "Firearms, Traps, and Tools of the Mountain Men", by Carl Russell.
The entire set has an aged patina - used but not abused.
Pipe Hawk
* Overall length: 18 3/4"
* Head: 6" long including pipe bowl
* Handle Diameter: at head 1 1/4" at butt 15/16"
* Blade: 3 5/16" x 7/8"
Pipe Bag
* 17" overall length including fringe
* 11 1/4" overall length of bag only
* 3 /12" wide x 5 /14" long beaded pouch section
* 3/38" x 1 3/16"