52100 spring

Johnny Roberts

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Bob Engath's site has the following.

52100 steel Oil quench from 1525 to 1600 F. Harden, cool and let the blade settle for a day (24 hours). Re-harden twice more at the same interval. Cutting edge toughness is fantastic. Draw at about 350 F, three times, and the spine may be torch drawn to spring temper. Ed Fowler gets incredible cutting and flexibility with this method.

This can be found at http://www.engnath.com/harden.htm

Not a lot of info but it may get you a little further along.


M. Wohlwend

What are you using the spring for? if it is for slipjoints I am tempering O-1 at 900 degrees to get a spring temper.. 52100 is a ball bearing steel, I would be tempted to make my blade from 52100 and my spring from a 10xx series...

Chuck Gedraitis Knives

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W-2 and 1095 make great springs. Harden at 1500deg and quench in oil. I temper with a torch. Clean up the spring and carefully heat it till it is a light blue, then quench in oil again. I do this 3 times and have never had a spring brea.


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yes I am making a spring for my first multi. blade . the blades are allso 52100.got it at a good price. so thought i would try it.

Bill Burke

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I have never hardness tested one of my springs. but I am guessing that they are about 48/50. this is from the way that they cut with a file.