These figures are just for reference, refer to actual manufacturer for exact chemistry.

440C is an air hardening stainless steel. It is one of the older stainless alloys. It is often overshadowed by newer steels but still makes a good knife if heat treated properly.

Heat treat-
1. Heat to 1400 and equalize.
2. Heat to 1850-1950 and soak for 30 minutes.
3. Oil, plate, or air quench.
4. Temper twice for 2 hours each time. Temper between 350 & 500 depending on the application.
A sub-zero freeze or liquid Nitrogen cryo may be applied to reduce retained Austenite but isn't necessary. Any sub-zero/cryo treatment must be followed by a temper.
This is just a reference. Times & temps. may need to be adjusted to attain best results with your equipment.
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Good Ole 440C!
Works great and if it came out today at the same price point would be the talk of the town!

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Sorry new to this.But I see with the temper cycle they give different temps for different applications.Can someone explain this please.