440C Hunter


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Hello everyone, i show you a clip point hunter.
Lohmann 440C steel, 416 guard, desert ironwood scales and leather sheath.
Blade: 3.5"
OAL: 7.8"
Hope you like .






VeraX Knives

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Oh, you're making me melt with the FFG but. 440C?!? Disappointing. Everything else I have to say, like everyone else, agreed, genuinely nice! Ironwood? Looks like? NVM I can't read.


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I used to use a lot of 440-C until it fell out of favor mainly with people at knife shows as the "super steels" or steel flavor of the year started hitting the market in a big way. my go to stainless now is CPM-154.
But...I've had a lot of 440-C knives go to Africa and used for skinning Rhinos, lions, Cape buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes and a whole bunch of other critters and never heard one complaint from anyone. I've cleaned countless deer and wild hogs here in Florida and it always performed well.
Is it the best stainless steel for a knife? maybe not but it surely performs well and stands on it's own.