3 for 3


Three hunters for three hunters. My grinding isn't under control yet, but these look better than any knife I've ground yet. All 1075 about 9" overall length.

First saddle stitch; First and last time using belly leather if I can help it.

Moose antler, NS corbies
Moose bone, copper pins and lanyard tube, burgundy reflective cord and liners.

Some old chalky weathered caribou. I removed the surface and got a pretty handle in my opinion. White liners and brass pins.

This is about less than 10 everything by me. Nothing farmed out this time.


a couple close ups I like: A little better shot of the copper, river rock bead, and a good shot of the liners.
I tried white liners. It was tough with the cold blue etch. I still haven't learned to fill pores with sanding dust yet.
I think this look is classy. This is that old caribou antler I had. Next time it'll be stabilized with bronze fittings and better leather.

Thanks for having a look! I still got lots to learn!


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Grinds look good to me! Ive been tempted to get Belly what was the problem making the sheaths?


Ive been tempted to get Belly what was the problem making the sheaths?
I read here on KD that it has imperfections. That was a couple months ago. Daniel Macina was asking about it and someone advised against using it. I already had it so it was too late by then.

Here's some picture of the problems I had with it. Disclaimer is that I have never worked with quality leather. The videos I watched recommended using good leather and the work they showed didn't have the same kind of imperfections I had in mine. So that and the advice on KD I figured my problems were due to these being bellies. These bellies were 15.00 at a Tandy store I visited about a year ago. Maybe good for projects that no one will ever see, but you just need to work for you. (I noticed they're 30.00 in the catalog.?)
Uneven and inconsistent thicknesses was the major thing for me. There are also marks on the surface. Now that I think about it I might have been able to rub or sand them out. Each edge twisted when I glued them. I got one out when it was wet, but I don't know if it will stay that way and twist again over time.
Anyway I plan to buy better leather next time hoping to avoid having those problems again: mainly inconsistent thicknesses.

Daniel Macina

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Yeah absolutely do not get belly for sheaths it was an absolute nightmare to work with even for welts. Aside from the issues soundmind already stated it stretches like crazy and dyes inconsistently

Dennis Morland

Bellies are cheaper than other leather because of the problems associated with them. Varying thicknesses, stretch, inconsistent dyeing, inconsistent stamping, hard/soft spots, and overall lower quality leather are just a few.

However, it is CHEAP!!! Like mild steel, it is a great way to get started in a financially sound manner. Practice, practice, practice. You will just need to work around the problem areas and deal with the issues.

I have also noticed that it gets dinged, dimpled, and marked up easier than a higher quality leather. It just seems to be soft and subject to marking...

BTW: soundmind - I like the look of your sheaths. I think they look good. Should work well for protecting each knife. Great start!!

Sean Jones

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In another thread I mentioned about the problems I'm having with leather bellies. I won't buy bellies again. However I have plenty to practice on and in my opinion that's about all they are good for.


Thanks for putting in Daniel, Dennis, and Sean. I couldn't remember all of who and what was said.

TW: soundmind - I like the look of your sheaths. I think they look good. Should work well for protecting each knife. Great start!!
I know you've been working on dialing in your own leather work. That's a great compliment. I think the throats are too big and in the future I'd need lanyards for all the knives if they're that deep. I have a friend who does leather work and recommended I saddle stitch my sheaths instead using a stitching awl. He also told me to check out Ian Atkinson - Leodis Leather. He does really nice work and has some good videos. I used one of his videos, a Tandy tutorials, yours and others here on KD.