2nd Knife WIP

Rob Nelson

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My 2nd knife done except for some final polishing with a belt due in from trugrit, and a final sharpening with a diamond board due in from Tracy ... hopefully today. This one is for Mrs. Nelson.

Blade: D2 Blank courtesy of RodneyJ. Pre-HT finish entirely by files and sandpaper. HT by Peters, Cryo, 58-60 RC. Sorry I don't have a picture of how it came from him.
Scales: Corian, brass pins and tubes. First time putting scales together with just pins, first time with Corian. Tapered scales from ricasso to butt.
8 3/8" OAL, 4" x 1 1/4" x 1/8" blade.

Mrs. Nelson also insisted it be marked, so after a couple dozen practice attempts on the shop dummy knife, I marked it using the 9V method.









No pics unfortunately of post HT and scale fitting.






My mark is going to be the Shepherd's Cross.
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Rudy Joly

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Nice job chaps.
It looks like you're resourceful and persistent. I know you can keep appointments.:biggrin: I saw someplace that a cell phone charger would work on etching too. Maybe has a little more ooomph than a nine volt battery(?).


Rob Nelson

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Thanks Rudy!

I learned alot on this one as well, and there's a bit of my blood in this project too.

... and of course a knife vise would've helped a lot :biggrin: LOL, Betty


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Looks great! You're moving along quickly for sure.

Watch out for metal shards with the bare feet though! :what!: :lol:


Cameron Wilcox

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looks very good. sent mine off for HT today the main challenge now is the handle. any tips for how you did the tubing and pins?

Rob Nelson

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Be generous on the tube and pins, they chop/file/sand easy. Lining the holes on the scales up true is still a challenge for me with screws an Corbys because I'm eyeballing the counter drill, etc. But pins are straightforward. I spent about 4 hours on my #3 today fitting scales and final grind ... Which is my first self design from a flat bar of 1080. Maybe done by Sunday?


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I'd say it looks real good. I like that handle material.
I dont have a knife vise. I use a bench vise and wood blocks. If I had a knife vise I would feel like I ought to know what I'm doing...and that would be wrong.

Rob Nelson

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Ha! Thanks LaGrange, I was teasing Rudy during his knife vise giveaway so that's where that came from. I'd say right now it's a race to see which breaks first, the el cheapo Chinese vise in the pic or the 2x4, and regrettably its even money right now.