2nd Knife in the works


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My wife wanted a push knife she calls this the June Bug Jabber because of her hatred of june bugs. It's sk5, african blackwood and copper pins. Also going to be making a kydex sheath with copper eyelets for it at some point. Still have some work to do on the handle and as you can see i messed up when did the touch mark. It should say Lazy W not Lazy V.



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From what the OP said, sounds like its intended to kill June Bugs. Not sure how one goes about killing a June Bug with this weapon. But, it's certainly hefty enough to kill the little suckers.


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Assault and self defense are two sides of the same coin. It's made for fighting and that's why I decided long ago that I wasn't making one, but that's just me.

Most places in the US, they are illegal to carry without a weapons permit too.
That aside, Chris, looks like it should be a pretty good stabber. I hope it never gets used :)