2019 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FIXED BLADE Under 10" (Over all)

Non Tactical under 10"

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Self Made Knives

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Here is one of my best of 2019.

AEBL blade, 303 SS bolsters, SS corby's. I stabilized the redwood burl with Cactus Juice. This burl was harvested over 100 years ago in California by my customers great grandfather and spent the past century as part of a table his grandfather built from the wood. Table was in disrepair and he wanted a way to keep a piece with him for sentimental reasons.

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Kevin Zito

Great looking entries so far!! This is my favorite category each year. I think it’s amazing how much art, craftsmanship, ..., etc can be packed into a small skinning/hunting knife. I like folders also, of course... but, skinners and hunters are so simple in design. There’s a dull end and a sharp end; hold the dull end lol. I have really grappled with idea of making something so simple that
1) represents me and only me
2) functions perfectly for a long time
3) will completely knock your socks off.

I’m no high-end collector, and I’m certainly not an expert maker. However, I do know the answer to following question. How does one accomplish these 3 tasks with a piece of steel and a handle? Just like this...

John is a great friend and mentor who has and continues to tirelessly help and encourage me to become the best maker I can be. He is humble, kind, and always willing to share. I proudly nominate John Doyle and his “Autumn Leaves Hunter.”


Dennis Morland

One more to consider. 8 inches of goodness. 1075, stabilized mango burl, African Blackwood bolsters, copper pins.