2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

Dennis Morland

I'm in!. Sorry I missed your message. I was just coming to the forum to post the exchange because I forgot all about it. You are more than welcome to take it over, but if you want me to do it I will. The time just got away from me this year. I'm also happy to help you with it if needed.

Jess: I have most of the addresses. I will fill in this year and get it finished. You can jump back in and take it over next year. Deal?

Dennis Morland

We are up to 22 members. Lets try to get a few more.

Just for giggles, here is the state by state breakdown, so far. 17 different states.

NE - 1
MS - 1
NC - 2
UT - 2
AL - 2
CA - 1
KS - 1
RI - 1
WA - 1
WI - 2
MA - 1
FL - 2
GA - 1
MI - 1
AK - 1
LA - 1
WV - 1

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Dennis Morland

I went back and looked at 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. It looks to have somewhere between 15 and 20 participants each year. I would like to get to 25 participants in 2019. So I am going to call upon a few members on KD to step forward and join in.

I hope a few of you encourage a couple of members also. The more the merrier!!

My first target is Kevin Zito. C'mon buddy - I know you want to. And we need a LA for the state participation board.

Anyone else have a suggestion???

Dennis Morland

Just a couple days left until the cutoff. If you have any desire to participate, now is the time to act. This is one of the best events of the year here on KD. It is easy and you get a Christmas gift that is knife related. Win-win. Just drop your name in a reply and I will get you signed up. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

Dennis Morland

Today is your last chance to enter. Be bold, sign up.

I will be getting everyone's Christmas buddy sent to you by a pm, sometime tomorrow. Probably in the afternoon.

If you do not get signed up today, in all likelihood, you are going to get coal from Santa in your stocking.

For all you forgers, it's not good coal. It's lumpy coal. So sign up...

Merry Christmas!!!

Dennis Morland

Well - We did not make it to 25 members. Came close at 22.

I have used a random sequence generator and will match it to the list on the first post. This will give me everyone's gift recipient.

I will be sending out private messages to all participants today. Please respond to it so that I know you received the message.

I hope all have a Merry Christmas!!

Dennis Morland

Everyone should have received a private message from me in regards to their secret recipient. Please check you pm's. If you did not get one, let me know ASAP.

As a suggestion only, cyber troll your recipient. Check out their webpage, website, facebook, etsy, instagram, and their KD picture posts. Just use the search function in the upper right hand corner. You will discover the types of knives that they make and it will give you some insight into the type of gift to send.

Also, here is a few of the past Christmas gift exchanges. Many of them have pictures of the type of gifts that were sent and received.

Please have your gifts in the mail not later than December 17, 2019. This should give enough time to get there by Christmas Day. I hope...

Merry Christmas to all the participants and thank you for participating in the 2019 Christmas gift exchange.