2018 KD Members Choice Awards - NON TACTICAL FIXED BLADE Under 10" (Over all)

Non Tactical under 10"

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This is my most interesting one this year. The steel is 33 layers of 1084/15n20, and the other half of this billet was in my Forged in Fire final weapon. The guard is wrought iron from my great-great grandfather's wagon wheel out of Spicewood, TX. The spacers are WW2 practice bomb metal. The handle material is osage/bodark fence post from a fence built in 1912 along the railroad between Abilene and Dallas. Photo by Cory Martin.


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I'll nominate this one from MikeL. I'm the lucky one who received it in the KITH. It's a sweet little knife. This is a picture that I took. MikeL, if you have a better pick I invite you to post it.