2018 Blade Show Preview

Justin Presson

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Nice line up and I agree with Ted that ome was my favorite to and the one your son in law said to bring will probably sell just fine :)


Ed...I like your and Tim's video idea. When a knife is moved around in the light you can really see what it's all about. I think I like your damascus best of any I've seen. I typically do not care for Damascus much...your designs are always interesting. That pattern above is what I'd want if I was buying a damascus blade....It has the minimalist feel to it.


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Thanks for the kind words Ted! I think I gained my attitude on designing "minimalistic" because when I was coming up, I saw a lot of people who tried to do just too many things on a single knife.... and much of it done poorly. Then when I achieved my MS, they were still letting JS applicants test with damascus blade..... I saw many, many people fail their JS test because they tried to do things that were over their heads, and did it poorly..... especially in their damascus...... they'd fail because the steel was "muddy", full of flaws, etc. and a million times I heard..... "But that's Damascus! I made Damascus!" After a while I got fed up and started responding with..... "Yeah, you made Damascus.....but it's crap Damascus!" That's always stuck in my head, and even a teeny flaw just makes me toss the whole thing and try again. :)


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I enjoyed watching the video. Beautiful knives! Of course, we've come to expect that from you. Wish I could be there at Blade, but seeing your spread takes some of the sting out of not going. Thanks for sharing.