2017 Gonna close out like the rest of the year

C Craft

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Looks like as bad as 2017 has been it is gonna close out just like the rest of the year! I have been fighting a lot of nerve pain in my feet and legs and it seems to be getting worse. Some nights I go to bed and it will be 2-3 hrs before my feet and legs will let me sleep!
Then to top it all off, about 2 days before Christmas I started getting this red patch on one leg! I have been trying to repair a lamp that I bought for the wife about 32 yrs. ago. So spent a fair amount of time on my feet in the shop.
Christmas stayed on my feet trying to get Christmas dinner prepared and cooked. Since the wife got sick I do most of the inside stuff as well as the outside! Anyways I finally get a chance to sit down Christmas night and my leg is killing me! Pull up the pants leg and the red patch is now covering one whole side of my leg from the knee down into the ankle. Can't get relief with foot up as nerve pain causes toes and feet to go dead and yet they feel like they are on fire with pins and needles in them!!

So finally call the Doc and get the last appointment for the day! He says its edema.
Edema" is the medical term for swelling!
So no kiddin Doc, or it might be cellulitis, or it might be something else. So to cover all the bases I am gonna put you on antibiotics and give you a referral to a Dermatologist!

Seriously, in three to four weeks, (if I am lucky) I get to see the Dermatologist and what ever it was will more than likely better. How the h311 are they gonna know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole medical crap has gotten too specialized!!

I hope some one can get a handle on this as it is in effect taking my legs from me!! It is hard to stand in the shop to do anything and sitting ain't none to comfortable either!! I never knew getting old was gonna be so much fun!! Damn of all things I never expected my legs to go!!

Here is to a new and better year guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Hang in there Cliff! If you can, spend a day with the feet up...

I have severe diabetic pain and sometimes I can tune it out...sometimes too good. Ended up with a sore on my foot that has taken 3 months to heal...and I don't want to know how much $$ it will cost...i do know my insurance went from $1100 to $3000 per month starting next year...They told me there will be a fine of about $500 per person per year if I don't have insurance.

I do understand foot/nerve pain...while the ol' toes are numb...they burn like they're on fire...try explaining that to anyone that hasn't felt that...lol.

This week I caught the flu which meant I didn't do much...so my feet feel pretty good! Lol....

The doc offered to start "maintaining" my feet...I stared in disbelief at the thought of the $$ involved...I asked him to tell me what to do and he did...and I have been...

Hoping 2018 is better for most of us...