2015 Knifemaker Christmas Gift Exchange

J. Hoffman

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2015 Knifemaker Christmas Gift Exchange ***NAMES CHOSEN***

It's getting to be that time of the year again! This will be the third annual gift exchange. I've come to look forward to this almost as much as the USAKM Hammer-In. This is designed to spread a little holiday cheer and also to get the members a little more acquainted with each other. Gifts should be knifemaking supplies. A set of scales, a known piece of steel, guard material or handle material. As the great Bruce Bump said "Think Toys not Socks!" Keep the value to $25 or under. Everyone is welcome to participate (even a Grinch like me).

Post in this thread that you want to enter, and then send me an email with your name, screen name and address. The final day to enter will be December 12. By December 14th I will match names and send you the contact info for your recipient. Please have your package in the mail by December 18th. Email your info to mooseyard@gmail.com. If I missed anything, please let me know.

If your name is listed in RED it means I still need some type of info from you. Please contact me or check your PM Box.

I'm In!
-J. Hoffman
-Darrin Sanders
-Peter Martin
-Jim Moenck
-Bruce Bump
-Austin Colvin
-Matt de Clercq
-Ed Fleming
-Larry Franklin
-Chris Jones
-Chris Taylor
-Scott Livesey
-Ken Holland
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Dennis Morland

I'll play. PM sent also.

For anyone on the fence, this is the best event of the year here on KD (IMHO). Masters and beginners alike. Get involved, it is a lot of fun to open your Christmas knife box and discover the joy!

Socks will keep your feet warm and toasty. But, getting/giving knife stuff will make your soul glow and put a smile on your face.


Jim Moenck

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Hi Jess, count me in. I'm sure there must be something out in my shop that would be a nice surprise for some one.