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  1. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    Just finished putting up my 2015 Blade Show Preview page! It contains MOST of what I will have at Blade this year. I still have 4 hunters that are nearly complete, and hope to get a few EBKs done too.

    2015 Blade Show Preveiw
  2. Cabinetmaker

    Cabinetmaker Well-Known Member

    Wow! You have a great looking line up there! And I really love all the texture work.
  3. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Oh Boy - I hope to see the African Blackwood Handled Bowie in person. That is one impressive knife.... as well as all the other knives also.

    73 de Ken H>
  4. Self Made Knives

    Self Made Knives Well-Known Member

    Wow Ed, that's some amazing work. Some of the Damascus patterns are mind boggling to me, love that Fossil pattern. You might sell out before the show!
  5. cdent

    cdent Well-Known Member

    Hey Ed, thanks for the preview. You're taking a great looking lineup, with some nice variety. Nice finish pic of the carved handle bowie, and you also got the double accordion sanmai to pop. Look'in good. Have a great show.

    Take care, Craig
  6. J. ROSA

    J. ROSA Well-Known Member

    That's a lot of hours and a lot of awesome to show for it! The bowie and the hawk are my favorites. I hope you have a good show Ed.
  7. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    Thanks for the kind words folks! For me, the Blade Show is all about doing pieces that are "different". I always have the inward fear of how things like the "Split Personality" flippers will be accepted.....I've kinda come to the realization that some folks will like "different" and others will probably hate it...... :) I'm hoping to have a good show.... the old benchtop milling machine in my finish shop REALLY needs replacing. :)
  8. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Ed - I should have mentioned your website showcasing your blades. It's VERY well done, well laid out. I think I remember you mentioning doing your own webpage work?

    Again, those knives displayed are just what I expect from you - GREAT!!!

    Ken H>
  9. EdCaffreyMS

    EdCaffreyMS Forum Owner - Moderator

    Ken: Yep, I do all my own photography and website work. Its more because I'm just plain anal then anything. :) When I had a "company" doing the website for me, I would have to send the pictures and verbage, then usually wait 2-3 weeks for them to update things, and they would never get it right, so I was always "chasing my tail".

    The reason for doing my own photos is much simpler.....I just couldn't afford to keep paying for pictures that I either didn't like, or that were just plain crappy. Its also a major pain to pack up knives, ship them off to a photographer, wait around for the knives to return, etc.

    Both the website building/maintaining, and the photography took some time, and a lot of learning, but neither is super difficult, and if I can learn to do, I'm sure pretty much anybody can. I don't profess to be a "professional" at either, but like most of us, I have way more time then I do money. I've actually gotten good enough at the website stuff that I have a couple of other folks who's sites I've built and maintain for them.
  10. rhinoknives

    rhinoknives Well-Known Member

    Ed those are some mighty fine looking knives & hawks. I think I do see a little typo in the description of the second Split Personality Flippers. I think you have the word Slit?

    I am by no means an English major, but after all of your hard work on the knives and the pictures etc, I just wanted to let you know.

    I think those "Splits" will go over great!
  11. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Ed, your photography and website work are both right up there with your knives - FIRST CLASS! I agree with you, a person needs to be doing those "in house" - takes too much money to farm them out, and they're still never exactly what you envisioned. I did webpages back in the "good old days" when we didn't have the WYSIWYG editors. We did it all in ASCII text, then open in a browser window to see what it looked like.

    You do good work - look forward to meeting you at Blade this year.

    Ken H>

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