2 new warclubs



The first one is 37" of Curly Maple with a 5 1/2" etched 1095 blade.Embellishments include horn, and trade beads,brass tacks,dove feathers.Dave

The second one is a bit more embellished, I looked and combined designs of several originals.The club is again Curly Maple and is 32" long with Copper stars inlaid in each side.The blade is 6" etched 1095 with a "Bleeding Heart" cutout.It is embellished with brass tacks,trade beads,horsehair, and turkey feathers.



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"U do'hi'yu o s'da di'ga lv'wi s'da ne'di Dave" (Very nice work Dave)
My People regularly carried the "Gunstock War Clubs," and "Metal "Tomahawks," from the early 1700's thru the early 1800's. Before these were introduced by the French and English traders, we carried the wooden "Ball Head War Club" and "Stone Head Tomahawk."
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Outstanding pieces! This type of work and their era to me are fascinating. These would be very admired at Mountain Man Rendezvous!