2 new knives

Wayne Bensinger

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Hey everyone, been a long time since I've posted any work, thanks in advance for looking and let me apologize if I've messed up when I downloaded these pictures, I think I posted without any verbage accidentally.

Anyway, the first knife was a mistake. The one with the small whitetail antler was originally going to be a 8" fillet knife for a friend but I was attaching the S.S. bolster with pins but totally missed one of the pins while peening and snapped the tang right in half at a pin hole. Huge mistake for me as most of you know I've been swinging hammers for living for 35 years, still don't know how it happened, lol. So I didn't have the heart to just throw it away and had this small antler laying around for years, so this is what I came up with. It's s20v that is .076 at the spines thickest. A little brass guard I guess you'd call it with two brass pins holding the hidden tang in place. Turned out to be a neat little mistake that will add to my collection.

Next is a hunter/skinner from cm154 at 59rc. It has a 3-1/2" blade with red liners and if I remember correctly black ash scales. I also made some mosaic pins for this one and a one piece brass bolster. There's a black Kydex sheath that a horizontal belt carry style also.

Hope you like them


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