2 New 'KANTLOOZ" models with a twist.

Steven Janik

Finished up these two today. They are some of the KANTLOOZ blades I had cut out and were hollow ground by Eric Poris who has been hanging around trying to steal all my "old man" secrets. LOL


For a twist I added carbon fiber rear bolsters and black spacers to the G10. It also sports my old initial lug which I used before I started etching my mark. It is a .250 brass rod with my initials burned in with an EDM. I set this one into a 3/8" diameter mosaic tube to give it some substance. Orange kydex sheath with small tekloc included.

The other is Emerald Green stabilized maple burl from Ankrom with red Corian bolsters, mosaic lanyard tube, red, green and black spacers, brass corbys and a mosaic bolt thru the bolsters. Sheath is by Robert Jones of Handsewnleather.com.

Both are 7 3/4" OAL and are available for $175.00 each. CONUS shipping included.

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Nice I have a block I got from Ankrom when I got a bulk order. I wasn't sure how well it would look but I definitely have changed my mind about it after seeing what you did with it.

Eric Poris

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Steve they look great! I can't wait to see them in person.

Guys I can't tell you enough how much I have learned from Steve. He has been just awesome. Every time I make a blade and jack it up I just bring it to him and he shows me what I did wrong and how to do it better the next time around. I bug the guy constantly and can only hope to be able to return the favors and perhaps teach him something other than whats good at Taco Bell LOL!

Seriously, Steve thanks for all your help, support and guidance. It will not be forgotten.



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I like the maple handled one myself. lots of nice detail.