123 Blocks


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I am working on a hidden tang kitchen knife, but need a file guide for doing the shoulders of the tang. Any idea of how to rig up a 123 block to get even shoulders? Since the corners of the block aren't threaded, I think I would have to find a bolt machined close to the individual block holes. The closest I can find is 5/16, which still has some wiggle room. Anyone ever use one as a file guide?



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123 blocks are hardened but they just are not very hard. A file will skate on them but a grinder will happily grind them.
I have seen guys use regular bolts tightened up enough to limit the wiggle in them when used this way.

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123 block seems like it would be a bit bulky to me. I just use a piece of steel screwed to the jig over the blank. I position the blade at the angle I want the plunge line and the steel piece is parallel to the platen.

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If I need to bolt 123s together, I'll normally just run a 5/16 bolt through the non threaded holes and put a nut and washer on the end. To keep the edges flush, just bolt them together on a flat surface.