123 blocks


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AS Austin says they're pretty cheap and I find I use them for more things than I ever imagined with them laying around shop.


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yes, you need one - but they are usually sold in pairs.

90% of your use will be one of two things:
Use them on your drill press to get what ever you are drilling off the table so you can hold onto it.
Use them to punch out tight pins, pivots, etc.
What Boss Dog said.

John Wilson

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you will use them for a million things. If you don’t have precision squares then a set of 123 blocks will be your best friend. they will give you a reference for flatness and square, as well as all the uses Boss listed.

They can also act as a file guide when clamped to a blade.

They are too cheap not to have.


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I didnt think I would use them but I'm a Tool Hoe and bought a pair, think they were 12-15 bucks? In addition to the uses listed I've used them to check for squareness, square up the work table on my grinder, same on drill press (table to quill), check for flatness on blades and scales. Sure there more!


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besides uses above, i use them to set my rip fence on table saw and anywhere when working where i need a precision spacer between 1" and 6".


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Ok thanks i just came into a little bit of money and getting a few things i need and want for my shop so that why I'm asking.