#1 son designed ALL portions of the knife and base, then asked me to make it


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My oldest son drew up this "zombie killer" looking knife and asked if I could make it for him. Prior to making the knife or the handle I had him create it out of some PVC foam that I keep around for easy design work.

The blade has some grinder marks in it, and the handle isn't as symmetrical as I wanted to get it, but he wanted it to look "post apocalyptic" as he said...

Blade - O1
Handle - Maple
Base - Cottonwood burned and brushed
Radiation symbol - Copper with 416 stainless and copper rivets
Back rail and name plate - Bi-metal bandsaw blade






NOT a design I would have done on my own, but he is tickled and his friends are really liking it as well.

Either way, I had a blast making this with him!



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Many years ago my son made a few knives with me and then he wanted to do other stuff that other young men were doing. It was great while it lasted.
Keep him at it with you and you will never regret it that is for sure.
His mind is really working with inspiration so this may help you with inspiration also.