1 Case and 1 Masters Ballistic knife. REDUCED TO $18.00 SHIPPED

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    Just selling off a couple of knives from my collection to buy something else. Neither knife has been used. No box or paperwork. Case 21405L 88 Case XX 1 dot. Other knife is Master Collection Ballistic. metal handled assisted, fake etched Damascus stainless 440 blade. China made but a very nice hefty, tight fitting, well built knife. Opens quick. Very good looking knife. Both knives are very sharp. $25.00 shipped USA only. Must be at least 18 years old and legal to ship to your area. Paypal +4% for fees or USPS money order. Glad to answer questions. Mike in Missouri email is iceman63755@gmail.com. Tactical folder trades considered.

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    Reduced to $18.00 Shipped USA.

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