“Trinity” by Jean-Louis Regel MS & more...

Caleb Royer

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Left knife:

“Trinity” by Jean-Louis Regel MS
Best Bowie Award at Blade Show 2017
Type: Take down bowie
Blade steel: Stainless wootz
Handle: Warthog ivory carving
Pommel: Iron steel: gold 24k inlay
Guard: Black coating
website: jeanlouis-knives.com

Right knife:

maker: Véronique Laurent MS
W twisted multibar damascus.
12” blade.
5 1/2” ebony handle.
Carbon steel guard & pommel.
Leather sheath w/ black stingray.




C Craft

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Wow, wow, talk about eye candy. I don't know what else to say but awesome work! My hat is off to you!!


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When you get to see the works of art like this it really drives home the talent and dedication these people have towards knife making. That's the reason they are Master Smiths!



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Absolutely beautiful works of art, both the knives and the photos. If I ever make a knife worthy of a good photograph, I'm coming to you, Caleb.