knife scales

  1. Turkish walnut

    Exhibition grade 2.5 x 2.59 x 11" Turkish walnut block

    Exhibition grade 2.51 x 2.59 x 11" ( 64 x 66 x 280mm ) Turkish walnut block for stunning quality knives. Dense and Very solid Gorgeous piece. In Excellent condition and 5+ years dry. Do not miss this Great piece!!! I accept PayPal. 2.51 x 2.59 x 11"
  2. Turkish walnut

    Bookmatched Walnut blocks 30mm x 62mm x 140mm.......ALL 99 Usd!!!

    Hi folks, Bookmatched High figured Turkish Walnut knife blocks 30mm x 62mm x 140mm.......ALL 99 Usd!!! All blanks are in the excellent condition, dry and ready to work. Free Shipping Worldwide as well. I accept Paypal. Greetings from Istanbul, Kind regards Onur
  3. Wood Stabilizer

    Stabilized Wood Clearance!

    We're clearing out all our old inventory, so stop by the Clearance section on our website for some great deals on stabilized knife scales and blocks! We'll be adding new items daily until all our old stock is gone! (and we have lots of it) Hope to see you...
  4. BruceM

    Rich Brown Paper Base Micarta

    This is my new favorite micarta. This material is a carmel color and has sort of a subtle light/dark mottled look to it that almost reminds me of some mammoth ivory that I have seen. It polished great, see the sample piece for polish and the mottled look. Scales are 4-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 1/2"...