knife grinding

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    Back in stock- Bevel Grinding Jig

    Adjustable Bevel Grinding Jig
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    For sale - Knife making supplies Knife Bevel Grinding Jig- New Hole Pattern

    I make these for anyone looking for help to get a consistant bevel on their knives- great for beginners or pros! Custom Adjustable Grinding Jig
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    For sale - Knife making supplies New Hole Design for the Bevel Grinding Jig New hole design for more grind options.
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    Custom Bevel Jig

    I make and sell these- Adjustable Bevel grinding jigs- Can do custom sizes if wanted. Easy to use and adjust through various angles All holes drilled and tapped for heat dispersion and to help secure your blade Reach me with questions Nick
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    Custom Knife bevel grinding jigs

    I make and sell these- Can make custom sizes- These are durable and easy to use for consistent grinds and bevels