knife blocks & scales

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    Today's Fresh Cuts from Bradford Hunt Design

    Custom order of American and Arizona state flags cast in urethane resin for super premium custom knife scales from bradford Hunt Desi
  2. Turkish walnut

    1.83 x 3.85 x 13.7" Oversized BEAUTIFUL Turkish walnut block at Fantastic price!

    Beautiful Turkish walnut block from my inventory. 1.83 x 3.85 x 13.7" ( 46.5mm x 98mm x 350mm ) It is natural, very dense and solid, dry and ready to use. I accept paypal.
  3. Turkish walnut

    EXOTIC BURL Turkish walnut Knife Handle Blocks - Extra Long & Extra thick

    Exotic Burl Turkish walnut Knife Handle Blocks / Pistol Grip Blanks Extra Long & Extra thick Hey friends, I continue to share with you the birds eye walnut burl blocks from my inventory. Shipping price is reasonable. Estimated delivery time is 14-19 days to your door. If you...
  4. Turkish walnut

    Extra Large Walnut Knife Scales - Exhibition Grade!!!

    Extra Large Turkish Walnut Knife Scales & Pistol Grip Blanks Hey friends!!! I continue to share with you The Best Walnut knife handle blocks & scales from my inventory for your special projects. ~12mm................Thickness.........~0.47" ~153.5mm............Width..............~6.04"...