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  1. Jim Poling

    The Thorn and the Rose

    This Ladies Dagger is the center piece of this theme build “TheThorn and the Rose”. The Dagger is a petite 6 ¾” overall length, the blade is hotblued random Damascus, the fittings are hot blued steel with copper accents andAfrican Black Wood scales, the quilon Hilt is accented with pearls. I...
  2. Jim Poling

    Little EDC

    Here is a little EDC I just finished up for a customer. Forged, 1080, with deep red Micarta scaled 6 1/4" over all. Sheath is both Cross and vertical carry. Have a great day! Jim
  3. Jim Poling

    Little Ladies’ Dagger

    This Little Ladies’ Dagger in random Damascus with a 3 ¼”blade and is 6 ¾” over all. The fittings are hot blued steel with copperdetails and Pearls at the end of the hilt tenons. The handle scales are AfricanBlack Wood. Thanks for stopping by tolook, have a great day. Jim P Poling
  4. Jim Poling

    1095 with Rosewood Hunter

    1095 with Rosewood Hunter SOLD Blade steel is 1095 with nice temper lines Handle is Rose Wood Brass Hilt Blade length is 4 3/4" Blade width is 1" Blade thickness is 3/16" at the hilt with continuous distal taper Overall knife length is 9 1/2" Leather Pouch sheath is included...