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  1. PatrickKnives

    Linerless Hawkbills

    Couple of new ones
  2. PatrickKnives

    Traditional Slipjoint

    latest off to a customer. Stabilized Spalted Maple, A2 blade and spring, SS liners, Nickle Silver boslters and pins.
  3. PatrickKnives

    Patent Info Source

    Is there a good reference for folder patents, I would like to see what available for use and what designs are off limits. I saw an artical about one of the manufactures going after makers using a button lock feature that they feel is covered by their patent, I would like to avoid problems...
  4. PatrickKnives

    New Guy

    I have been around a while but new to the forum, I have been making knives for several years now but just part time. I was doing alot of fixed blade knives and now I really want to focus on folders. I have made quite a few of my ECD folders and am currently designing a folding dagger and...
  5. PatrickKnives

    Working Knives

    I have been wanting to do some simple knives for EDC use and here is what I came up with, they are very light. Linerless Carbon Fiber, Orange Micarta, and Brown Canvas Micarta, Steel is A2 3" blade about 7" overall.