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  1. Ironlath

    More Predator

    Excellent idea!
  2. Ironlath

    More Predator

    Predator, fitting name for this tank buster. This beast looks like it could chew through just about anything. Perfect timing for posting up a stellar knife build from a Veteran. Looks phenomenal Kyle! MCH
  3. Ironlath

    two more Tactical Knives

    Those look super Kyle! Did you do kydex or leather for the carry system?
  4. Ironlath

    Davie Boultinghouse Bowie

    This is a huge collector's Bowie I purchased on an auction site from Bernard Levine. Made by Davie Boultinghouse in 1990 with a hand made sheath by me. Made from 3/8" 440C with cowbone handle scales and bird's eye pins. I'll send it to you for $400. If anyone is interested send me a personal...
  5. Ironlath

    My latest collection addition

    This is my latest knife acquisition, Laci Szabo design, Robert Newton build. The knife is 5160, 12"x3 1/2"x1/4" 17"oal. I made the sheath from heavyweight 10 to 12 oz., 4 to 6 oz. overlay dyed black, 1/2" chicago screws, 18 ga. wire. Also pictured are my Glock model 22, .40cal. Remington model...
  6. Ironlath

    Survival Kit

    I AGREE with you sir, respectfully! Survival Sticky is a great idea. I've eaten some stuff in the past that could make a Billy Goat puke! (Kiddin') Try some survival cake that is available...Calories mean body heat, but they are NASTY!
  7. Ironlath

    Survival Kit

    Like most of the country in the recent past the weather has been and is wicked cold. In a dead of winter emergency survival situation things can go BAD very quickly. Preachin' to the choir ain't I??? I carry some clothing and equipment that will keep me warm to 50 below, down pants, jacket...
  8. Ironlath

    Stupid People = Agressive Pet

    This is a tough subject and Mr. Fendley is right. I have been nailed twice on the job, once by a Great Dane and the other a Blue Heeler. The Dane backed off with a good shot to the end of the nose the Blue bites I needed stitches, he got brained by a shovel. My point is any dog will protect...
  9. Ironlath

    Kydex Press Question

    I am looking for advise on this subject as well. Has anyone tried to use kydex over leather? My thought is to cut into the kydex and use it as a sort of overlay to the leather. This will be for a Bowie, 12" x 3 1/2" x 1/4" blade. I think it may work if I make a rough leather sheath then wrap the...
  10. Ironlath

    New Member from Michigan

    Greetings from a Houghton Lake High 1979 graduate.
  11. Ironlath

    Survival Knife Chopper??

    LOL, so I need to have my leather inlay in the ready for the kydex wrap, goes without saying I guess, would I make the "skeleton" cuts before heating? Again, a thousand pardons for...?
  12. Ironlath

    Survival Knife Chopper??

    :confused2: This is a new one for my collection and field duty which has not made it home yet. I thought it may be a consideration for the "Survival Kit" thread you've had going. It's 5160, 12" blade x 3 1/2" x 1/4". Black linen micarta handle scales, 1 of 10 in the world, or so I'm told...
  13. Ironlath

    Survival Kit

    Keep this thread going, people should know how to prepare for emergencies
  14. Ironlath

    Another rig done

    Absolutely beautiful work as always!
  15. Ironlath

    Where to get leather and a few other questions

    Great info! Thank you, I now know more of what to look for!
  16. Ironlath

    Where to get leather and a few other questions

    Would you please explain to a dummy like me what you mean by double shoulders? Also, to buy from Wicket and Craig do you need to be a dealer?
  17. Ironlath

    Survival Kit

    Thanks for the link, quite a bargain price, darn near half!
  18. Ironlath

    Survival Kit

    Solar and atomic, can't go wrong with that. I don't use a hand held GPS, only a good quality liquid compass and a topographic map when in the back country. I usually check my compass declination by sighting a target on a long straight stretch of road and turning 180 for interpilation. I'd like...
  19. Ironlath

    Survival Kit

    Great start with a ruck, Brunton pocket transit is a very good compass, it can be mounted on a walking staff, as is a Suunto that has a compass and inclinometer to determine slope steepness.
  20. Ironlath

    Bleeding Heart Spike Hawk

    Incredible...Another beautiful work of art.