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  1. PatrickKnives

    What domain/template service to use for a website???

    I use yahoo, it has worked really well, I think it $12.50/month. The templets are easy to use and work well. You get email with you domain as well.
  2. PatrickKnives

    Question about knife returns/buybacks

    I have had pretty good luck with a coating of automotive wax, I put a thin coat on and let it dry well and buff. Seems to keep the rust at bay for a while. If I am using a carbon steel knife I will oil it when finished but I use the wax to ship to the customer
  3. PatrickKnives

    Heat treating Machete steel? Possible? Worth it?

    It is most likely some type of mid carbon steel which can be HT pretty easy. Heat edge with torch to non-magnetic, quench in a light oil maybe a gallon at 125f or in a brine solutions 1 lb salt with 2 gallon water. Put in oven and roast for 2 hr at 400F, done when tan color and burns finger tips.
  4. PatrickKnives

    Help me plan the layout of my shop build

    You may want to consider lining up the machinery that needs dust control on one wall or nearby, the longer the pipe the less suction. Things like drill press and workbench dont need to be near the dust control, grinders, buffers and bandsaw (for wood) will need dust control. BTW if I had it...
  5. PatrickKnives

    First heat treat

    You did not say anything obout tempering?? The temper cycle will make the blade tough, not brittle. Sounds like a simple carbon steel, 400f in home oven for 2 hrs will do the trick. Nice knife good luck.
  6. PatrickKnives

    To Glue or Not To Glue.......

    I would add some silica sealer under the handles of a bolt together just to seal out moisture, in humid climates water can get between the handle and the blade even if not in water. This will still allow disassembly and silica is pretty much available to the user to replace.
  7. PatrickKnives

    button lock spring question

    I have not seen any specification on these small springs, you can get them pretty cheap at knifekits.
  8. PatrickKnives

    Linerless Hawkbills

    The blade is against the micarta but there is a relief arround the pivot pin to reduce friction and give a smoother open and close.
  9. PatrickKnives

    Knife makers:what do YOU do with blades & knives that aren't quite "perfect"...?

    I do destructive testing, its fun and you learn alot. Bend, pound, and throw tip down until it breaks or I feel better. I was really interested in how much abuse the tip of a knife could take if the HT was good. So I stab 2 x 4 and dig hole trying to break the tip, once done I do some cutting...
  10. PatrickKnives

    Brown sugar quench

    No but waiting to hear more, sounds like a challange comming up. most wierd quench that works??
  11. PatrickKnives

    Linerless Hawkbills

    The spring makes up the spine, the blade folds between the handles without a liner, hope these two pics answere your question.
  12. PatrickKnives

    Linerless Hawkbills

    Couple of new ones
  13. PatrickKnives

    Taking Deposits

    Last year I stopped taking deposits, it took pressure off me to complete deadlines, but, this year it seems more are bailing, so if it is special materials or a model that I have not been making and do not want in inventory I ask for usually at least half, If it is a model that I make on a...
  14. PatrickKnives

    New Twist/Scam

    Be careful with "Clear the Bank", after doing business with the same bank for while they will deposit the $$ into the account before the check or money order is actually cleared. Then if there is a problems the withdraw the funds, call and make sure they have fully cleared the tranaction with...
  15. PatrickKnives


    I love the traditional folders, no half stop, cool like a real cowboy.
  16. PatrickKnives

    Hello for Oklahoma

    Howdy, okie transplant from Enid Lets see what you dabbled in!!!
  17. PatrickKnives

    Who knows how to add a temp control...

    I rebuilt my kiln and added a programmable controller from Auburn let me know if you need some more info and I can maybe give some guidance. Does you kiln have a SSR is so all you will need is the controller.
  18. PatrickKnives

    Paper Wheel

    I agree with the regrit issue, I get maybe 10 knives and the grit is mostly gone. Not much to remove so Its been pretty easy with 100 grit sandpaper backed with a piece of wood. I have tried most of the glues I own and cannot keep the grit on,, my best luck was wood glue, I coat with glue and...
  19. PatrickKnives

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knives EDC

    I have several of my own folders that I carry, but, about every room and drawer differnt places in my truck all have a different model of swiss army. I see one that I dont have and buy it and put it somewhere I think it will be usefull. I dont even have a good idea of how many I have, or where...
  20. PatrickKnives

    Traditional Slipjoint

    latest off to a customer. Stabilized Spalted Maple, A2 blade and spring, SS liners, Nickle Silver boslters and pins.