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  1. sgmtino

    New Grinder build. help?

    I am planning on building a new grinder after the first of the year. I am using a VFD and a 2hp motor and a 6" drive wheel. I am looking for some parts and I thought someone here might point me in the direction of a 2x3 rubber 70 durometer wheel with bearing to use on the bottom of my platen . I...
  2. sgmtino

    Stonewashing AEB-L ?

    I am going to attempt to stonewash a blade for a customers knife the blade is AEB-L. I have some ferric chloride and some rocks. Can some one walk me through their process? I do not have a tumbler so I will be shaking by hand. I need to know what ratio of FC to water or straight FC also does it...
  3. sgmtino

    Lil' Natch' Bowie

    Here is one I'm finishing for a customer its a Lil' Natch" Bowie. AEB-L steel 61 RC with filework, black/orange resin scales and nickel silver bolsters.
  4. sgmtino

    Another hunting knife

    Here is another knife going to a local customer for hunting. Its A2 steel 60 rc with mustard patina and stabilized spalted maple handle
  5. sgmtino

    New Skinner going Elk hunting

    I just finished up a new skinning knife for a customer going to Colorado in December for an elk hunt. I have to sharpen it and make a sheath
  6. sgmtino

    vfd and motor ?

    So I just got back in to making knives and am going to be building a new belt grinder in the next couple months. What is everyones opinion on vfd's I am looking at possibly using a KBAC 27 and a 2hp motor I just dont know anything about this. I found what seems like a good price here...
  7. sgmtino

    My Daughter is my apprentice

    My daughter is homeschooled and I recently started back making knives after a 7 year Hiatus. She has shown interest in knifemaking and I have started teaching her , we are using this as her shop class. She just turned 15 and is doing very well. I taught her how to draw out her design and lay it...
  8. sgmtino

    i need a heat treater?

    I need some one who heat treats knives to heat treat a piece of steel for me. I bought some 154cm steel for a real good price a couple years back and I just want to confirm it is 154 cm steel. I just want to send someone a piece to heat treat so I know it is good steel before I spend too much...
  9. sgmtino

    first knives since 2011

    Well, I have been out of the knifemaking loop for about 7 years now. I have recently started back with a new shop at home and am planning on making several knives over the next couple months ( I have 9 orders as of today)
  10. sgmtino

    prayers for my mom

    Hey everyone my mom has small cell cancer and they have done chemo it was helping about a year ago but it isn't doing so good now she is in the hospital now with alot of fluid on her legs and abdomen her liver is enlarged from the cancer and she is hurting they are treating her for pneumonia she...
  11. sgmtino

    Hi everyone I'm Santino

    Hello everyone my name is Santino Marani. I've been making knives for about 17 years, I'm 37 years old and I sold my first knife in 1997. I make mostly using knives, but every once in a while I do make something pretty ha anyway glad to be here with you guys I work for Pella windows in Murray...