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  1. Ironlath

    Davie Boultinghouse Bowie

    This is a huge collector's Bowie I purchased on an auction site from Bernard Levine. Made by Davie Boultinghouse in 1990 with a hand made sheath by me. Made from 3/8" 440C with cowbone handle scales and bird's eye pins. I'll send it to you for $400. If anyone is interested send me a personal...
  2. Ironlath

    My latest collection addition

    This is my latest knife acquisition, Laci Szabo design, Robert Newton build. The knife is 5160, 12"x3 1/2"x1/4" 17"oal. I made the sheath from heavyweight 10 to 12 oz., 4 to 6 oz. overlay dyed black, 1/2" chicago screws, 18 ga. wire. Also pictured are my Glock model 22, .40cal. Remington model...
  3. Ironlath

    Survival Knife Chopper??

    :confused2: This is a new one for my collection and field duty which has not made it home yet. I thought it may be a consideration for the "Survival Kit" thread you've had going. It's 5160, 12" blade x 3 1/2" x 1/4". Black linen micarta handle scales, 1 of 10 in the world, or so I'm told...
  4. Ironlath

    Survival Rig

    Might not be very pretty but highly functional.
  5. Ironlath

    High Desert Winter Bulls

    Hey all, a few pic's of a pretty good size herd!
  6. Ironlath

    Some more of my leather stuff

    This is a bit more of the sheaths I've done in the past. The dual carry is a John Carson custom and a Mike Carter Nessmuk both Buffalo Horn handle. The other is a purchase that needed some major repair. A Bowie / Skinner made from an old cleaver.
  7. Ironlath

    From Mike Carter

    Here are a few pictures of my Carter Crafts collection. About 2 years ago I found Mike's site and our connection was immediate. As some of you who know Mike his wife has some serious health issues in the past as has mine. My wife Shelley is surviving her third bout with cancer, this is how Mike...
  8. Ironlath

    Carter Crafts Butterscotch Trio Leather

    Hello again all, some more of my primitive leather craft. Images of my new proud set of Mike Carter's knives.
  9. Ironlath

    07/ December 1941

    This is a thread to all of the men and women who protect our great nation and a huge tribute to those who gave all on this day. From a lil' ole' survey hand like me living in rural Wyoming, out of touch with what these brave people who risk everything do, I am privileged to be a part of a great...
  10. Ironlath

    Spivey Sabertooth

    Greetings All, This is my first forum posting and would like to get some input on this knife. As a kid growing up in Northern Michigan and an avid outdoors youngster I came across the '69 issue of "Gun World" magazine. It featured the Spivey knife on the cover and...
  11. Ironlath

    Primitive Mountain Man Rig

    Howdy all, This is my first posting of some of my leather work. These are from the Mike Carter set of three.
  12. Ironlath

    Greetings all from Wyoming

    I have always been very interested in edged weaponry. Modern and classic Bowie designs are a passion with me. I have made a friend in Mike Carter and together we have a few prospects in the works. The set of three Mike has posted in his sub-forum are being made for me. I reciently obtained...