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    I'm not coming here anymore. This Leclair guy is too good.
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    Magnacut and koa Zulu

    1) Outstanding knife design and wood choice. Very impressive. 2) What are the dimensions? It looks like a "big handle, small blade" concept. 3) I appreciate that you noted the steel choice for the spring. I always wonder about that sort of thing. 4) How are you finding MagnaCut? Do you like...
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    Zulu spear Slipjoint

    Beautiful knife, sir. That blade has so much personality, and the curly maple is equally engaging, but, like the blade, not too forceful. Well done. :)
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    Auction Knife

    Beautiful work, sir. :)
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    Finally bought a Native 5... and I threw in a Yojimbo for good measure.

    Very interesting, Señor Spyderman. I don't have either one of those knives, but I've been thinking that I might need a Yojumbo/Yojimbo just because they look mean and nasty. Kind of like my first wife. Follow up with pics, please. :)
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    Sorry took time off

    That's cause we haven't talked about the stock market today.
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    Small Batch Run of MagnaCut frame locks

    @JRB Blades Beautifully awesome. Or awesomely beautiful. Take your pick. I'm your fan. :)
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    Flat or Hollow grind

    Question: In the case of a company like Buck, is their grinding process fully automated or do they have a man on a machine grinding each blade?
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    Large run of Chefs

    For those of us who are not experienced knife makers, could you explain what "stress risers" are? Thanks. :)
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    Here's some I've been working on for a little while

    I hate it when guys are this good. It makes the rest of us look like we're just sitting around, drinking beer and waiting of the Dominos pizza boy to get here.
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    Small Batch Run of MagnaCut frame locks

    I can only pretend to understand everything that you're doing here, but even as a dummy first-year student, I really appreciate your posts. Totally cool. So, how do you get a frame lock to work? Do you bend the lock part?
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    Shop Pets

    ^^Fordie, I won't be visiting any time soon. Hope you understand.
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    Small Batch Run of MagnaCut frame locks

    Very nice work, sir. :)
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    Whats the point of Titanium blade

    You must be reading my mail, pal. :D I did all my diving when I was a kid. It was all recreational. We never did cave diving per se, but we did reef diving that was sort of cave-like. The knife I had was a Scuba-Pro item, like this one. I never used the knife, but I liked having it. If I were...
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    Bought A New Mill... Now What Can I Do With It?

    Looks good, but there's no relation to Art Vanda Lay from Seinfeld, is there? :D
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    New traditional back sewn puukko sheath

    @USNGMG2 Well thought-out and well-executed. Makes me happy-happy. :)
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    "My very first knife" - post up!

    @ChrisW2374 That's a funky looking shape, my man. I like it. I want to sit next to you on the bus ride to the annual KnifeDogs Picnic & Bar-B-Que. :)
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    Ferric Formula

    I'm with Fordie. It's an amazing knife, but I'd like to know more about that wood. :)
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    Danger Will Robinson! Danger! The importance of good air and PPE in your shop

    Sorry to hear about this bit of trouble, Sean. Hope everything clears up quickly and soon.
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    Ow! - a PSA

    Is your shop at home right next to your wet bar? Just wondering.