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  1. Bill Coye

    Whiskey II lefty

    Tumbled zirc bolster, LSCF Vid via Arron Shapiro Cheers! BC
  2. Bill Coye

    Whiskey 2

    The guys at Point Seven Studios do an awesome job. 9.5" OAL 4.25" Blade S35VN stainless blade Ti lock side Lighting strike CF in Ti liner presentation side Cheers
  3. Bill Coye

    Coye 105

    Model 105 with Tiger Shark acid wash finish. Cheers! BC
  4. Bill Coye

    Coye Model GK1

    Made a few of these the other day. Thanks for looking!
  5. Bill Coye

    Kit up!

    Recent write up from a local writer.
  6. Bill Coye

    How to you read the forum?

    The first thing I do is hit "new posts" in the upper left hand corner under "what's new?" I'll scan the new posts and then scroll through the older posts I've already looked at. I don't have one spot I frequent more than another. You?
  7. Bill Coye

    Area 10

    The prototype: OAL: 9.25" Blade: 4.25" Ti frame lock Blade: CTS-XHP stainless A big thank you to Dave at GLWJ for taking me to school on any number of folder issues. John Barker really was super helpful as well. Thanks guys...
  8. Bill Coye


    A 105 I just finished up.
  9. Bill Coye

    Coye/Boker collaboration: Ridgeback

    I had the opportunity to meet the guys from Boker Germany at the recent Blade show. The Ridgeback will be in the Spring 2013 European catalog, followed 6 months later here in the U.S. The prototype ships tomorrow! :)
  10. Bill Coye

    A few for Blade

    Eight more to go! :) BC
  11. Bill Coye


    Three for Fort Henry Custom Knives. Cheers! BC
  12. Bill Coye

    Coye Knives website and dealer links

    Just updated the website - always a work in progress. Current dealers with knives in stock: BladeHQ and Fort Henry Custom Knives Thanks! BC
  13. Bill Coye

    Great raffle for a great cause!

    Go here! :)
  14. Bill Coye

    In support of the warfighter

    Making a couple 105s for guys: one coming home and one getting ready to go down range.
  15. Bill Coye


    At work!
  16. Bill Coye

    2 Coye Ridgebacks ~ Black or Camo G10

    6.5" OAL 5/32" 154CM Triple tempered Cryo RX Stone washed finish. Stainless stand offs/torx screws. Black G10 w/ maroon G10 liner OR Custom Camo G10 w/ black G10 liner. Custom kydex sheath w/ Tek Lok. $225.00 each + $6.50 USPS Priority shipping CONUS. Thanks for looking! BC
  17. Bill Coye


    The Main Forum has become a massive drift net that has started to catch every thread anyone starts - we need your help to keep things squared away ;) Areas have been designated for certain subjects: There are specific areas for questions about how to screw/glue/shape/drill: Knife Maker...
  18. Bill Coye

    928th ASMC Witchdoctors

    Ridgebacks for guys I worked with while in Afghanistan. "Professional" doesn't do them justice. They were our shooters for many hard car missions outside the wire - some of those missions were a little "tense" to say the least. Fellow medics every one. Come home safely men and God...
  19. Bill Coye

    A couple Ridgebacks

  20. Bill Coye


    This is a G rated forum. Please keep your jokes G rated. That not only includes language but content. Thank you, The Administration.