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  1. roadapples

    Finally got some work done...

    Haven't got much done since the exile... Shop is still stuffed into the garage, due to leaky sheds, and now winter; but finally a little bit of work done!The last photo is of 3 "Kit" 'hawks from Track of the Wolf I'm working on finishing.
  2. roadapples

    Catching up...

    Here's a few that I've managed to get done over the last few months- been one of those time spans that the faster I work the further behind I get... Thanks for looking! An old Bellota Horseshoe rasp with Moose antler scales Neck Knife forged from a mower blade- burl maple scales...
  3. roadapples

    Neck knives

    What happens to the remainder of the Farrier's rasp... An old broken Nicholson file and coyote leg bone. Haven't got to the sheaths yet... The chopper/ 'hawks were posted in the Tomahawk/ Axe forum... Thanks for looking!
  4. roadapples

    3 Recent Choppers.

    Haven't been on for awhile and just thought I'd give a partial what have I been doing lately (chopper/ tomahawk wise anyway...) Trying to "go green" with some recycling- old commercial edger blade, a one lb. ball peen head (the handle was used on the first edger- blade chopper) and another...
  5. roadapples

    A little Alaska humor

    As the title to the Dog Run states jokes, and I haven't seen many, thought I'd share a bit of Alaska humor; A polar bear cub wanders up to his dad one fine winter day and says; "Dad, am I 100% polar bear?" Poppa bear replies " Yes Son." Cub says "Ok" and wanders off. About 15 minutes later...
  6. roadapples

    Bayonet Refurb/ Upgrade Questions

    I have a M7 bayonet that I've been carrying around for quite a few years, (since I decided that the idea of getting a different bayonet everytime they were issued and spending way to much time sharpening and giving TLC to the point of wearing out my patience only to start over again was a...
  7. roadapples


    Skinner with 0-1 blade and Ironwood scales. Thanks for looking!
  8. roadapples

    Two Small choppers

    Recycled an old Brigs and Stratton lawn mower blade, and some broken ash tool handles. Thanks for looking! More pix in the Neo-Tribal Forum.
  9. roadapples

    Another small chopper- WIP

    Here's a couple of pictures of the #2 lawn mower blade chopper. Blade is about 7" long with a 2 1/4 " cutting edge and the handle is a 15" section of an old broken ash hoe handle. Will post more and better pix soon.
  10. roadapples

    Small double bit chopper

    I seem to be on a major recycling bend lately:what!::les:... Dug out some old lawn mower blades and started on some choppers. This is the first one. Handle is from a old broken tool handle also. Blade is about 7" with a 2 1/4 " cutting edge, handle about 14" long. More to...
  11. roadapples

    Rail spike knife

    Here's the latest Rail-spike knife. Moose antler palm scales. This was the first Rail-spike knife I attempted to put scales on, had some issues with getting the tang flat enough to attach the scales. It's a good thing I didn't charge by the hour on this. Could have caused...
  12. roadapples

    pipe tomahawk

    This is from a wax cast 4140 head and turned handle I got from Track of the Wolf. Horsehair drop, brass tacks, bone clean out plug
  13. roadapples

    Pitch HELP!!!

    Need some help with ideas/ directions for a recipe for pitch. I tried a couple of methods the Primitive guys on YouTube showed for making pitch. I ran the range- Way to brittle, to the current batch which will not harden- even overnight. I'm using Black spruce sap as that's what's available up...
  14. roadapples

    WIP- Bone Blade

    Bone blade with a caribou antler tine handle In Progress...
  15. roadapples

    Horsehead Ball Warclub

    Here's a project I completed last month- my take on a Northern Plains style skull cracker from the late 19th century. Sorry about the dates, my camera decided to do it's own thing when I pulled the SD card to burn the disc- Dates on the pictures showing the completed club should be May...
  16. roadapples


    This was a project I did a few years back when I was still shoeing horses. I forged the blade out of a M113A3 Drivers hatch spring (5160) that was replaced when one of the spring layers cracked. The handle is from a whitetail antler. This hoof-knife saw about a summers worth of use, then it was...
  17. roadapples

    2 Rail spike knives

    Here are 2 railroad spike knives I just finished. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Thanks for looking.
  18. roadapples

    Finally finished a couple of projects

    In spite of the move to Anchorage, College, and that work stuff, I finally finished a couple of projects. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome.
  19. roadapples

    Hello from Alaska

    Hello all from Alaska! I've been on a few times looking around and finally got a little time to do the intro, so here goes. I'm a retired Army Motor Sergeant, hobby blacksmith/ bladesmith and a reformed horseshoer. Reformed my ways due a bad back and asorted other reasons, one of which was...