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  1. J S Machine

    Blade show

    Hey guys, I'm at Table 23X. Come by and say hello. I saw Tracy yesterday, so I know a few of you are around! This is my first time doing this, going to be an experience.
  2. J S Machine

    Tumbled blade finish and tumbled Ti finish - How are you doing it?

    Curious how some of you are getting good tumbled finishes on both blades and titanium. I have messed around with a few blades and done an etch, followed by tumbling with various media. I have gotten favorable results. Ti has been a whole 'nother story. I have not gotten anything that I am...
  3. J S Machine

    Blade show exibitor - How to set up?

    For any of you here that have been a blade show exhibitor, I am looking for info on how to set up my table. I finally got one this year, and this will be the first knife show I have ever done. Looking for info on things like something to cover the table with, hints on what to have out on the...
  4. J S Machine

    What to do here?

    Wondering what some of you might do in this situation. In the very top of these Barlow slipjoint handle scales, there is a 3/32 pin hole. The center of the back spring also utilizes this hole. -Note the pointed pin pointing at the hole.- This is fossil walrus, and I'm afraid the peening is going...
  5. J S Machine

    Question about being a vendor at shows - Specifically Blade in Atlanta

    I have traveled to Blade show in Atlanta for about the past five years. I have never been a vendor at a show. It has been my goal to get to being a vendor for many years, and it looks like this year I might actually be able to pull it off. My goal is to have ten knives built by the show in...
  6. J S Machine

    Contact wheels - what sizes do you use

    I built a grinder a few years ago, and bought a used wheel from someone. It is 7-8" in diameter. I can't recall the exact size but it is serrated and hard as heck. I'm not sure exactly how to gauge the hardness, although I know it is done by calling durometer. When I press the rubber on mine, it...
  7. J S Machine

    Shop updates and another new framelock flipper design I'm working on

    I have been nonstop building a completely new shop since around May of last year. Since my family and I moved to our new home, I finally got the chance to build a dedicated knife shop. I was able to section of an area of the shop and make it a grinding room, and then utilize the rest of the...
  8. J S Machine

    Hey folks!

    It's been a while since I posted around here. I seem to be more and more busy and don't have the time to just hang out like I used to. On top of that, more and more makers are moving to facebook so I see a lot of their work there. I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. How is...
  9. J S Machine

    Need a small piece of exotic leather

    I'm working on a charity knife I do every year and I'm looking for a small piece of exotic leather to trim a case with. I was interested in shark skin or ostrich, but I am not having any luck finding a small piece. All I need is about 2" x 6". If anybody has any of the following, Shark skin...
  10. J S Machine

    contact cement?

    I've seen a few tutorials where people used some sort of glue in between pieces of leather, and I think I have heard it called contact cement. Is this what it is? If so, is there any place I can get it locally, like a hardware store or Walmart?
  11. J S Machine

    New machine is in!

    After years of debate and saving and trying to decide when a good time was, I made the move a couple of weeks ago. My output has been severely limited because I just don't have a whole lot of free time, and it doesn't look like that will ever get better. This should free up a lot of that time...
  12. J S Machine

    416SS only available in bar stock?

    I know many slipjoint makers use 416SS for their bolsters, and I assumed they were using it for the liners as well. I was on the hunt for some 416ss sheet yesterday and could not find any. A few suppliers tell me that it is not made in sheet...??I guess the only answer to this is that you are...
  13. J S Machine

    Small Peanut..Bruce I need some info on this thing!

    Bruce, I am in several slipjoint facebook groups, and I asked the question yesterday about what kinds of patterns were popular and sought after. Of the many designs I had mentioned, one called a small peanut had a fair amount of attention. A guy named Jim Todd offered up pictures of one that he...
  14. J S Machine

    Slip joint designs - which are most popular?

    I have some steel I want to go ahead and put into the pieces for slip joints, but I am unsure on what designs to make. Most of these will probably end up being sold, so popular designs are what I am looking for. I'd like to know the sizes that are sought after as well. Thanks
  15. J S Machine

    So let's say I want to get into doing forging work..What do I need?

    Every knife I have made thus far has been from stock removal methods or someone else's damascus. I have not gotten into the forging side of things because of where I used to live. I was in a neighborhood with houses really close together, and they would have never put up with the noise. We...
  16. J S Machine

    Mammoth ivory / walrus ivory and damascus pair

    Just finished up these two. The top is for 2014 St. Jude auction. The fossil walrus is courtesy of Russ Andrews, and the damascus is from Zoe Crist. The bottom is fossil mammoth and Zoe Crist damascus, to be entered into a local contest and carried for a while. They have Ti liners and bolsters...
  17. J S Machine

    Pivots and damascus blades..

    So what is the general accepted practice of a setting up the pivot when a folder uses a Damascus blade? I have some that I'm fixing to do, and I'm going to use bronze washers on the sides of the blades in between the liners. I was thinking I might take some clear fingernail polish and block the...
  18. J S Machine

    Another Pocket clip (tip up) question

    I'm currently working on two knives that are not necessarily flippers, but the possess a few of the qualities. I'm looking for as smooth of opening operation as I can get, and the knives will have the little kicker on the bottom of the blade that protrudes out from the backside of the handle...
  19. J S Machine

    Tapping Ti.. What is the secret?

    I love Ti as a material for my knives but the stuff is very hard to work with. I have trouble drilling, sawing, and tapping it. I don't seem t have any problem cutting it in a mill with end mills though. What I've come here to settle today is how I should be tapping it. I really need some...
  20. J S Machine

    Pocket clips..Tip up or down?

    It seems to me that the trend now days is in favor of tip up, especially on tactical folders. Most knives I've bought (back when I used to do that) and a few I've made had tip down carry, and I think I prefer that more. From what I can tell though, it seems like most buyers prefer the tip...