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  1. LR Adkins

    Why do we do this?

    I'm sitting here relaxing after a day in the cold shop wondering why I do this. I ran out of fuel oil so my shop is cold ( can't afford to buy more right now ) but I went there anyway. I warmed the shop a little by using my forge for awhile, then ground some blades, then started hand sanding...
  2. LR Adkins

    ways to get hurt in the shop

    I was looking for something in the 2009 threads when I came across a thread byTravis Fry about ways to get hurt in the shop. Man it sure makes a fella stop and think about what you are doing in the shop. I plead with everyone to be careful when you are working in the shop. I worry about all you...
  3. LR Adkins

    hello from ohio

    Hey dogs, hope you're all doing great. I haven't been on for a couple years. Another heart attack put me flat on my back for a long while and about the same time my computer went belly up. I've been back in my shop for a month now and I'm making knives again. My wife bought me a tablet so I can...
  4. LR Adkins

    I'm back.

    Hi everyone remember me? :biggrin: No, I didn't take the final journey, sure thought I was though. Just wanted to let you all know I was ok. L R Adkins
  5. LR Adkins

    In hospital again.

    I hope I put this in the right place. My father ended up back in the hospital, he had a stroke. He seems to be okay but there are side affects he will have to recupurate from. Just so you would know why he isn't posting. Heather.
  6. LR Adkins

    I'm back.

    I bet you didn't even miss me. :biggrin: I just got home from the hospital, heart failure again. I guess the top part of my heart doesn't want to beat in rhythm with the bottom. They have me loaded up with blood thinners and the doc said it might not be a good idea to play in the knife shop...
  7. LR Adkins

    Latest war club

    A customer saw one of my war clubs and ordered one with antler tines instead of a metal blade. He wants to pick it up today so I thought I better get a couple pictures before it was gone. It is figured maple shaped like a gun stock, has 4 white tail deer tines for blades, leather wrapped...
  8. LR Adkins

    Pics in gallery

    Everybody likes pictures so I uploaded a bunch to my gallery. There's a few knife pics and some of my shop and a few misc. I'll be adding more as I get the chance. Enjoy. Larry
  9. LR Adkins

    Memorial Day

    Tomorrow is the day this country set aside to remember those women and men who gave their lives to protect our freedom. Love of country, honor, courage, sacrifice and and responsibility are the driving force that makes so many offer up their lives that we may keep and enjoy this great...
  10. LR Adkins

    First knife after 4 years

    About 23 yrs ago I started a knife for someone and he moved before I finished it so I just threw the blade in a box and forgot about it. My brother was digging around and found it and picked out a piece of whitetail antler, handed it to me and said it was time for me to stop messing around and...
  11. LR Adkins

    Kiln converted to HT oven

    I apologize for not getting this up sooner. It seems several people are building HT ovens right now and could benefit from any info they can get. I said I would show how I did this awhile back but it has been slow going. The wife has kept me busy landscaping our new house. Planting the garden...
  12. LR Adkins

    Micarta press tutorial

    I have used two boards and c-clamps, steel plates and clamps, my vise( that was a mess ) and I always found a third hand would have made the job so much easier. So I did a little thinking, boy did that hurt, and came up with a micarta press that isn't so hard to manipulate. You can build...
  13. LR Adkins

    Homebuilt micarta press

    I wanted a press that wouldn't require three hands like my old one that used 4 c-clamps. It was a real pain trying to keep the resin soaked material lined up while holding the boards straight and operating the clamps. This is what I came up with and it works pretty well. The only problem I had...
  14. LR Adkins

    Knife blanks

    A church friend visited me today and we got to talking about knives...who would of guessed :D... anyway he said he had a big batch of knife blanks from when he worked in a steel plant of some kind and asked if I wanted them. He found them in a boxcar they were throwing them away and he has had...
  15. LR Adkins

    No knives yet

    I have my knife making area in my shop now and my equipment just about set up, but I keep getting sidetracked by too many requests for other items. Here is one I just finished for a Native American friend. He thinks he is paying over a $100 bucks for this but he has always been there for me...
  16. LR Adkins

    Help wiring HT oven

    I's been hashed over a hundred times on here but I can't find enough information to get my kiln to HT oven conversion wired. I have spent the last two days searching while waiting on the parts to come in. Thought I had it figured out until I got the parts today. There's more...
  17. LR Adkins

    I got put on probation today

    The law has been laid down! How many of you have holes in your cloths, especially your shirts from forging or welding? Lately I have been too lazy or in too big of a hurry to put my apron on before welding. Yesterday I wore a new shirt to the shop and burned a hole in the sleeve and the wife...
  18. LR Adkins

    How to get variable speed on belt grinder?

    Can anyone tell me how to get my new grinder set up with variable speed without it costing an arm and a leg? I have a major headache from reading all the info I could find on the net and still not sure what to do. I've read about induction motors, DC motors, and 3 phase and now I'm drowning...
  19. LR Adkins

    router speed control

    Could one of you dogs tell me if a router speed control would work on a belt grinder? It's rated at 15 amps and I used it on my router. I don't see why it wouldn't unless the motor is rated higher than 15 amps.I was thinking of using it on the grinder I'm building. Thanks in advance. Larry
  20. LR Adkins

    belt grinder WIP

    The first thing I would like to say is if you are building your own grinder the NWG is the way to go. It is well thought out and all the bugs worked out and is easy to build with little experience and tools. With a 2hp motor it is a metal eating monster and well worth the effort. No, Tracey...