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  1. Robert Dark

    W-2 Skinner - Been a while.........

    Haven't done much knife making lately......... Sort of been in a "Low-Burn-Out" feeling, but I did manage to finish this little skinner just to see if I could still do it. W-2 with a lightly forced antique finish. The handle material is black Linen Micarta with Micarta Pins and some...
  2. Robert Dark

    Help on 154 Heat Treat for Slipjoint spring

    I know I have seen it somewhere, but I can't seem to put my fingers on it. Making a slip joint blade and back spring from 154CM. At what temp should I draw the back spring? Seems like I read somewhere that around 1200 would be right. That seems mighty high. Any suggestions...
  3. Robert Dark

    OK, I cheated just a little.......

    I ordered a single blade Trapper kit from our own Tracey. I did this with the intention of possibly using it as a pattern. After checking it out, I decided to toss the included 440-C blade (even though it may have been OK..... I didn't test it), and tossing the included handle scales. I...
  4. Robert Dark

    Rust is only Skin Deep

    I posted this in a few other places, and thought I would share it here. The "Dandelion" Had a couple of pieces of an old (50's) rusty sawmill blade left and decided to make a quick implement for digging and cutting up dandelions from my lawn. (Thus the somewhat "mundane" handle shape...
  5. Robert Dark

    Damascus and Ironwood

    Just finished this one. Alabama Damascus and Ironwood Overall length - 8 1/8" Blade Tip-to-Handle - 3 3/4" Stainless Handle Bolts Veg-Tanned Sheath by me Robert
  6. Robert Dark

    Forged 1095 with Ironwood

    Forged this one out a few days ago and thought I would share it. 1095 - Differential H/T - No Clay Distal Taper to Tip and Tapered Tang Ironwood Scales Stainless Bolts OAL - 10" Blade Tip-to-Handle - 5 3/4" Robert
  7. Robert Dark

    Puke-O-Ish ?

    Here is one that I made just fooling around between letting epoxies, leather, and various other things dry or cool off. It has a slight hint of "Pukko" in there somewhere. Not sure, never done one like this before. Forged 1084 (about .135 thick on the flats) Damascus in front of handle...
  8. Robert Dark

    Damascus and Sambar

    Just finished this one for an Airman in Afghanistan. Alabama Damascus Sambar Stag 410 Stainless Furniture OAL - 10" Blade Tip-to-Guard - 5 1/2" Robert
  9. Robert Dark

    I must look pretty bad these days

    At the store this morning, the lady behind the counter said, "Sir, you look like you are ready to check out". I said, "yes, I guess so". She said, "OK, but please pay for the coke and candy bar before you go". Dang, I guess I must look pretty bad these days.
  10. Robert Dark

    Following Her Directions

    Last week, I headed out the door to do a little last minute shopping. The wife said, "Stop by the grocery store and get a gallon of milk". "If they have fresh lemons, get five". When I returned, she said, "Why did you get five gallons of milk?" I simply said, "They had fresh lemons"...
  11. Robert Dark

    Damascus and Burl

    Been a while since I posted anything here. This one is headed for its new home in Louisiana. Alabama Damascus OAL - 8 3/4" Blade Tip-To-Handle - 4 1/8" Stainless Handle Bolts Stabilized Amboyna Burl Handle My Sheath Work Robert
  12. Robert Dark

    Could it be the "Foil" ?

    Scenario.......... CPM 154 finished to 400 grit Blade double wrapped in H/T foil Pre-Heat to 1400 F. to equalize - 10 minute hold Ramp to 1925 F. - Hold for 30 minutes Quench (while still in the envelopes) between two 1 inch thick X 6 inch X 12 inch (frozen) aluminum plates with...
  13. Robert Dark

    Most Viewed Threads Side Bar

    How can I make this go a way? It is sooooooo aggravating.
  14. Robert Dark

    The "Morph" and a little story about it

    A few months ago a new maker asked if I could give him a few pointers on grinding blades. He made the trip from Georgia and brought with him a couple of blanks that he had designed and had profiled. My first thoughts were that the simple drop point design was not bad for his first. I...
  15. Robert Dark

    W-2 and Rosewood Hunter

    W-2 and Rosewood Hunter (SOLD) This one is SOLD. Aldo's W-2 Differentially Heat Treated Honduran Rose Wood Handle Stainless Handle Bolts and Lanyard Tube My Sheath work OAL - 8" Blade Tip to Handle - 3 5/8" $XXX.00 Ships anywhere in the U.S. Robert
  16. Robert Dark

    Damascus Bowie

    Its been a while since I posted a knife here. This is one I just finished for a customer. Alabama Damascus 416 Furniture Ironwood Handle My Sheath OAL - 12" Blade Tip-to-Guard - 7" Thanks for looking......... Robert
  17. Robert Dark

    Green and Damascus

    I struggle with making photos to show the best of my knives, however, this one turned out "Fair". Alabama Damascus "Buckshot" Pattern Blade Dyed and Stabilized Box Elder Burl Handle Stainless Handle Bolts and Thong Hole Tube OAL -7 1/2" Blade Tip to Handle - 3"
  18. Robert Dark

    A visit to Alabama Damascus

    Yesterday, I spent the day at Alabama Damascus in Jacksonville, Alabama with Brad Vice and Lacy Smith. Here are a few pics. This place is power-hammer heaven. Nice little forge heating up the billets. The next few are of the welding, cutting (for folding) and stretching the...
  19. Robert Dark

    Black Linen Hunter

    440-C Blade - Heat Treat by BOS - 59/60 Rc Black Linen Micarta Scales Stainless Handle Bolts Sheath Included OAL - 7 3/4" Blade Tip to Handle - 3 1/2" $200 ships anywhere in the U.S.
  20. Robert Dark

    Orange G-10 Hunter

    SOLD - Orange G-10 Hunter 440-C Blade - Heat Treat by BOS - 59/60 Rc Orange G-10 Scales Stainless Handle Bolts Sheath Included OAL - 8 1/8" Blade Tip to Handle - 3 3/4" $200 ships anywhere in the U.S.