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  1. Paul Long

    Happy Birthday, Sandy

    Gents, our most senior member, Mr. Sandy Morrisey, turns 90 tomorrow, April 16.:thumbup1::clap:Many happy returns, my friend. Paul
  2. Paul Long

    Sandy Morrissey is 88 years young today!!!

    Join with me in wishing our senior partner a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Along with the hope that you have many more, my friend. Paul
  3. Paul Long

    .....and Another Holster.

    A very good friend gave me this little 1978 Ruger Bearcat a short while ago and I finally got around to making a simple little holster for it. Kid Terico's thread reminded me so I thought I'd show it also. Along with it is a 9 1/2" full size Ruger .22 for my son. Paul
  4. Paul Long

    Off topic question for roughcountry

    Robin, I was having breakfast with Don Atkinson (apprentice and student of Monroe Veach) this morning, and he mentioned Saddle makers Severe Brothers from Colorado? and Oregon. Are you connected by way of relation to these makers? Vocation and general geographics make it seem plausible. Paul
  5. Paul Long

    New Instructional DVDs

    Good evening! Chris Crawford has informed me that the two instructional videos he produced detailing my methods of sheath making are edited and on the way to be mastered and produced for release. They should be available around the first of November. Below are a couple of links where you can...
  6. Paul Long

    Just to prove I'm still around

    This one was photographed and is owned by Jim Cooper (Sharp by Coop). The beautiful knife was made by Nick Wheeler. The leather is Russet from Wickett & Craig. The inlay is Ostrich leg Paul
  7. Paul Long

    Some recent sheaths

    Here are a few I did recently. That last picture (#4) is of a knife that came to me for a sheath and it is one of those knives that just really clicks when you see I picked it up from the maker at Blade this year about 3 minutes after the show opened. I didn't want to take any...
  8. Paul Long

    New guy incoming!

    Hello guys. I just found this site. I'll stand in the back of the room and watch, and listen quietly. Looks like a great place. Paul
  9. Paul Long

    New guy from Texas

    Hello, I just joined up a few minutes ago after finding a link to this forum on another site. Some of you may know me from other sites as "sheathmaker", but I decided to go with my real name over here....Paul Long. Looks like a great neighborhood, and I'm looking forward to participating. Paul