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    Couple new balisongs.

    Two of my latest balisongs. Tanto utilizes “zen pin” construction, satin finish and flat thin carbon fiber overlays. 3 ¾” blade from handles to blade tip, 8 ½” O.A.L. The #060 has acid etched blade, stonewash finish, orange and black G-10 overlays. 3 ½” blade, 8” O.A.L. Both have blades of...
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    Goblin Balisong north to Alaska

    Here is on of my latest that gone north to Alaska. :D
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    Latest Goblin Balisongs

    Here is the latest ones, there will be more later. But after 15 I am about goblined out........:D The purple one is much more purple than the photo shows.
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    Finally sighned up!

    Looks like a very popular forum y'all have here! I have been lurking for a little while but I could not see any photos :D Palico sent me a invite awhile back, so I finally took the time to sign up. Happy to be here 2thumbs