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    Frame Handle Question

    Hey guys, I am working on a frame handle knife and don't quite understand the means by which the scales are attached for a full takedown. It appears as though some guys oversize the holes in the frame and use some form of insert which is then threaded, or is pre-threaded for screws? Is there a...
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    Framehandle Takedown Question(s)

    I am working on a framehandle bowie and am getting ready to drill the frame for the screws which hold the scales on. It appears as though some guys drill an oversized hole and install some kind of tubing insert, which is then threaded, rather than threading the frame? My frame is unhardened...
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    Clip Point Hunter

    Here is a Clip Point Hunter I finished up today and thought I'd post up for your perusal. 1084 high carbon steel Acid etched finish Bronze guard Spalted Maple scales Black G-10 liners 9 1/4 OAL with a 4 1/4 blade.
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    KMG upgrades

    I am thinking about swapping out the upper 2" idler wheel on my platen with a 2" contact wheel in hopes for a bit smoother operation and ability to do a bit of grinding on that wheel. Is this a good idea?
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    Camp Knife

    Here is my latest knife, and final project for 2015. Thanks for looking, comments welcome. I wish you all a very blessed and happy New Year! 1075 differentially hardened 6 1/4" blade 11 1/4" OAL Hamon Madrone Burl handle Burgandy Micarta spacer Copper guard
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    Elk Antler Fixed Blade

    Here is knife I recently finished utilizing a nicely shaped Elk antler tine I've had in the drawer for too long. This Hamon is very active and absolutely refuses to be photographed. Grrrr! Comments are welcome. 1075 Differentially hardened 13 1/4" OAL 1/4" x 6 1/4" blade Stainless guard Red...
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    Here is a little Loveless inspired Hunter I just finished up for the Holiday season. Hope you enjoy! 1084 High carbon Steel 7 3/4" oal 3 1/4" blade Black/Red Micarta scales Nickle Silver pins Nickle Silver guard Tapered tang 5.6oz Sheath by Rowes Leatherworks
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    Game Cam

    I checked on of my game cams today (ignore the inaccurate time stamp) and was surprised to see this guy. It's scat shows it to be feeding heavily on gut piles, which is pretty normal for this time of year. I saw a black bear about this size, or a bit bigger, yesterday a few miles down the road.
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    Tactical / EDC

    Here is an aggressive little prototype blade that I have been working on in my spare time. I took this opportunity to change up my logo as well. I'd love to hear what you think. Differentially hardened 1084 8" OAL 3 1/4" cutting edge Scandi grind light jimping Black Linen Micarta Orange G-10...
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    Pocket Axe II

    Here, as promised, is the revised edition of my pocket axe. The specs are the same as the last one, with changes made to the handle and a non checkered hammer poll. Since it is the month of October I chose black and orange handle materials. Comments are welcome.
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    Ironwood Utility

    Here is a Utility/EDC knife I just finished up for a local customer. It features Ironwood scales, G-10 liners, nickle silver pins and lanyard tube. The differentially hardened high carbon steel blade measures 3 1/4" with an overall length of 8" and weighs in at 5oz.
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    Pocket Axe

    This nice little Pocket Axe makes a great companion, perfect for a multitude of utility purposes both at home and in the field. It features differentially hardened 5/16" 1075 steel with a tapered tang for optimal balance and control, a full convex grind with a 2 3/8 razor sharp cutting edge and...
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    Here is a handy little EDC design I made as a companion knife to the 10" Bush/Camp knife I make. It also serves as a great little stand alone for every day use. Differentially hardened 1084 steel 7 1/2" OAL with a generous 3 1/4" cutting edge Scandi Grind with micro bevel OD Green linen micarta...
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    Green and Black

    Here is a quick pic of one of my general purpose midsized camp knives. It is differentially hardened 3/16 1084 steel from Aldo with a tapered tang, nice distal taper to a needle point and etched Hamon. Comments are welcome. 9 3/4 OAL 4 7/8 blade Nickle Silver hardware Black/Green Linen...
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    Red and Black

    Here is a nifty midsized camp knife for general purpose camp use. It is made from 3/16 1084 high carbon steel which has been differentially hardened. A full flat grind makes this knife capable of chores ranging from light batoning to food prep. Included is a matching custom sheath from AK...
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    Ironwood Bushcraft

    Yep, another Bushcraft. This one features ironwood scales and black G-10 liners, stainless pins and lanyard tubes, a differentially hardened 4" blade of 1084 high carbon steel, scandi ground with a micro bevel. The blade has a slight distal taper and a tapered tang for balance. It weighs 8.6oz...
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    Steak Knives

    I am wondering what steel you guys recommend for making a set of steak knives....
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    Ironwood Utility

    Here is a nice little utility knife I often make. I chose to dress this one up a little with a nice acid etch/blued finish, ironwood scales with black G-10 liner and nickle silver pins. It has a 3 1/4" blade and is an even 8" in length.
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    Drop Point Hunter

    A busy spring has kept me from knife making duties for the last month or so, but I'm back in the swing of things and offer up this nice little drop point hunter for your consideration. It sports a fully hardened 3 1/4" blade, maple burl scales, red G-10 liners, stainless guard and pins, and...
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    What are your thoughts on using Juniper for knife handles, and has anyone had any success with stabilizing this wood for such use?