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    Closed on my best sale ever today

    Great story, sounds like you both made a great deal and memory.
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    WTB: 12-14" Contact wheel

    Hey fellas, I'm looking for a 12-14" x 2" contact wheel. Right now I'm running my wheels on a home built grinder that uses KMG style arms and wheels w/1'2 shaft, but I should be able to make any wheel with bearings work. I know I can get them new from Beaumont or Bader but am trying to save some...
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    Aloha From Hawaii!!

    Hello Knife-Dogs! My name is Jurrien (everyone calls me Nalu) and I'm from a rock in the middle of the pacific. I love collecting guns and knives, and recently got the itch to learn to make the latter. I built myself a grinder a few moths back and have been trying to glean what info is out...