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    IG, I'd love to come. I'll shoot you an email.
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    Favorite Shop NONNECCESSITY?

    Mine has to be my MAME machine. Over in the corner of my shop is an original 1978 Atari Breakout fullsize arcade machine. Inside the machine I have stripped out all the internals and installed a computer-driven arcade emulator attached to a vertical 19" monitor that fits the original bezel...
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    Did I lose my Mojo??

    Bill, We should get together. I just got back into the swing of things after about a year. I am making slipjoints..what a PITA haha. I may want one of your rise/fall jigs and want to see how you made that bushing lapper you had at IG's a while back. I'm just down the road in Plaistow. It...
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    IG! I havent been aorund much in a year or so but I wanted to let you know i've been thinking about you and hope you have a speedy recovery!
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    ID Anvil

    Heres my #200 Peter Wright For reference: This one better shows where the markings are on mine:
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    Personalizer or Personalizer Plus??

    I thought i'd also add that I use stencils made by Ernie from I actually never have thought much about my mark....its always been a small afterthrought. I don't do anything special or over-think anything. I tape the stencil to the steel, dip the marking pad into...
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    Personalizer or Personalizer Plus??

    From my understanding the "Mark" is just putting a layer of black junk into your etch while the "Etch" is actually removing metal. I Etch mine to desired depth, then mark. I follow up with polishing the area with mothers mag polish, which then deposits a lot more black down into the deep...
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    Pics of your pups!

    Here's my Australian Shepherd, Loki. He is high strung, smart and wild. Best dog i've ever had. Here he was as a puppy:
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    Knifemaker from NH

    Carey, Thanks! I love the white mountain area. I would love to retire someday to the lincoln area. Unfortunately, I live only about a mile over the border north of the MA line. I fixed that link, thanks for the heads-up!
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    help me out - I need pic's of jigs - Calling all jig pics!

    I am 100% sure your jig works better than mine, haha! Mine was limited in that it needed to be slid across the tool rest. This caused problems as i couldn't properly "follow" the blade shape. It was also complicated because once you grind one side of the blade, you'd go to grind the other...
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    Knifemaker from NH

    Thanks! I have a love-hate relationship with Ironwood. On one hand, I honestly haven't ever seen a wood take as gorgeous a finish or look as good as ironwood (top-shelf ironwood, at least). One the other hand, my tools hate it, my belts hate it, it irritates the heck out of my nose throat...
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    help me out - I need pic's of jigs - Calling all jig pics!

    This is exactly what I do from time to time. My grinding jig consists of a single piece of 5$ angle iron and a pair of vice grips. I vice grip the blade to the angle iron which holds the blade at 90 degrees. I then just adjust the platen on the grinder to what i want and move the ange iron...
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    Knifemaker from NH

    Thanks everyone! i hope my dry spell in knifemaking will be coming to a close in February. I am just finishing re-doing my entire kitchen and as soon as that is wrapped up, i'll be hitting the shop hard! I already have a Damascus EDC ground, HT and ready for handles as well as a folder in the...
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    Latest Rescued Animal

    I'd pay good money to see the former owners tied to a stake overnight with a frozen bowl of water to drink. Any chance you know their names? I'm sure some would love to do a bit of internet sleuthing so we can send some hate their way.
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    Here is my first ever sole authorship:
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    Knifemaker from NH

    Ive just updated my website completely, adding a bunch of more recent pics to the mix! It now has about 30 galleries of various knives and pics!
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    Knifemaker from NH

    Yeah yeah.....haha! Any plans for a spring Hammerin this year?
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    Knifemaker from NH

    Hello, My name is David Schott and I am a knifemaker from southern NH. I've been making knives for a few years now, mainly fixed blades but just starting to get into slipjoints. I have waves of productivity marked by periods of inactivity since I am a part-time knifemaker with a full time...